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Wooden sculptures on request

Are you looking for an original decoration for your home, office, hotel, restaurant or other private or commercial space? Do you care about unique design, refined details and uniqueness? Custom-made wooden sculptures from our studio to intricate works of native art that you will not find anywhere else. They will give your interior a unique character and make even an ordinary arrangement take on a more exclusive atmosphere. Every detail is carved in wood by hand and then painted.

We have been running the Viktor-Art studio for over 30 years. We created it out of a passion for traditional local art, a desire to cultivate and promote it throughout the country and beyond its borders. We do not use composite forms, and each (even the smallest element) is made by hand. As a result, exclusive low-reliefs and custom-made wooden sculptures are created, which stand out from the mass casting production. We can guarantee our clients that no one else will have exactly the same figure, picture or ornament. Each of our sculptures is hand-painted and carved, which makes its finish unique.

We design and make decorative, sacred and functional sculptures. For many years of sculptural activity, we have created numerous works depicting, among others angels, themes from the Bible, birds, animals and flowers, chess figures, Celtic patterns, wooden ornaments with a floral motif. Our artistic achievements also include beautiful bas-reliefs (including engraved and hand-painted pictures in wood).

Do you prefer effective works that will be decorative and useful at the same time? We recommend functional wooden sculptures. Among them, there are original stools and coffee tables or flower beds with sophisticated shapes. They will perfectly fit into rustic, art deco, retro arrangements and interiors maintained in other styles. Our hand-made kitchen utensils (including rollers and cookie cutters and gingerbread cookies) are also very popular.

How is custom-made wood carving in our studio?

Our activity is based on our passion and talent - each wood carving is made according to proven craftsmanship methods, improved over the years by native artists. All products are made in our studio from start to finish.

Due to the fact that we are responsible for every step of the production process, we can guarantee the highest quality of hand-made sculptures and bas-reliefs. We select the best species of deciduous wood (including linden, oak, ash). We attach particular importance to the proper drying of sawn timber and its careful processing - we have our own sawmill and drying rooms that work according to strictly defined procedures.

Custom-made wooden sculptures are made according to a proven scheme:

  • we accept the client's order,
  • we prepare a clay or plasticine model, which we present for the approval of the ordering party (we also offer ready-made digital models)
  • we create a digital model using modern 3D scanners,
  • a carefully prepared and solid-glued block of wood is subjected to rough processing by cutting (manual or digital) according to a previously prepared model,
  • we begin the carving work (hand carving) of the entire semi-finished product in wood,
  • we paint the sculpture using the techniques selected by the client.

We often cover wood carvings (especially sacred ones) with primer, glue-chalk mortar and gold. The finished works are carefully packed and delivered to the customer.

Sacred sculpture

Check the collection "Sacred sculpture" to gain access to all types of sculptures in this category. 

Engraving with wishes for the ordered sculpture FREE!

On special request, we also make a personalized laser engraving with wishes (on the back of the bas-relief).

The texts selected by the client are burned directly into the wood structure to a depth of approx. 0,8 mm - 1 mm, guaranteeing permanent marking and personalization of the product, and thus a souvenir for a lifetime! 

Engravings are made only on previously paid carvings. Please send your wishes to the following e-mail address: Zajdel@viktor-art.pl with the order number in the title, or in the notes to the order (at the basket level)

If you have your own design of wishes (font, text arrangement), please send the DXF file with the design to the e-mail address given above.

How do we work?

We use carefully selected hand tools for the final processing of the obtained wood. The basis is a correctly sharpened sculptural chisel, allowing you to work freely in the prepared material. We use many chisels with different cross-sections, adapted to the surface being processed. We focus on meticulous workmanship, so we always try to achieve the desired effect with one stroke. This allows you to eliminate the so-called husk (several cuts made side by side).

Another tool are mallets, which make it easier to work with wood (without the need to use a lot of force). We also work with jigsaws (especially when creating bas-reliefs), milling machines with a sharp milling cutter (they allow you to reach places that are unfriendly even for a small chisel) and angle grinders (they are ideal for machining large surfaces).

All machine-based woodworking techniques are only used in the preliminary production process. All sculptures specified in the product description as "hand carved" are cut by hand with a chisel over their entire surface.

New and on sale products!

Check out our best price offers and the latest sculpture designs!

Sculpture to order - price

Exclusive custom sculptures are made entirely by hand or in mixed techniques. The finishing method is agreed with the client at the ordering stage.
For products outside our permanent catalog, the price is always determined individually.

It depends mainly on:

  • the size of the sculpture,
  • the type of materials used,
  • number of small details,
  • processing difficulty,
  • type of finishes (e.g. additional gilding).

The soul of the artist inside ...

The hearth is our dream in life, and when we finally build it, we cannot allow our artistic soul to be limited by wanting it to be beautiful.

We want to create a space that will be a true embodiment of our aesthetics and unique choices. Such decisions need to be carefully planned because it is very easy to destroy our ideal dream with cheap gadgets and casts that are flooding the market today.

When these homes are so unique and the center of our individual universes, why not do something to bring out the best in them? Why not upgrade them with perfectly handcrafted sculptures available online? Why not Viktor-Art Exclusive Wood Sculpture?

Wedding Gift - Gift for the First Communion
Christening gift - Birthday gifts

Are you going to a wedding and want to give the newlyweds a unique gift that they will not receive from other guests? A birthday party where you want the birthday boy to receive a unique gift that is not a standard available in every supermarket? First Communion and Baptism, where would you like to give a gift that will stay with the recipient for life?
Our wooden sculptures on offer are perfect as a gift for any special event. The recipients will surely appreciate the creativity and the gift of a unique piece of work. We guarantee that every product available in our assortment, given from the bottom of our heart as a wedding gift, First Communion or Baptism gift, will be remembered for sure!

You can opt for sacred sculptures - motifs deeply rooted in the Christian religion will be a traditional gift for believers (they will also work well for baptisms, communions, confirmations or wedding anniversaries). Decorative sculptures are another option - you can look for inspiration in our catalog or order a work of your own idea (e.g. tailored to the birthday person's hobbies or family traditions).

On special request, we also make a personalized laser engraving with wishes (on the back of the bas-relief). These engravings are burned directly into the wood structure to a depth of approx. 1 mm, guaranteeing permanent marking and personalization of the product, and thus a lifetime souvenir!

Or maybe you are in for a wedding and you wonder how to thank your parents or witnesses for their commitment, support and participation in this important moment? Hand-made sculptures from our offer are an idea that will allow you to give your loved ones a truly unique gift.

Are you interested in unique wood carving on an individual order? Feel free to contact our studio - based on the presented requirements, guidelines or design, we will calculate the costs, send you a detailed quote and arrange the details of the contract.

All the sculptures we have in our store are made in our workshops from start to finish. We do not resell or re-distribute products.

Since we are the manufacturer and seller in one, we guarantee the highest quality of products and we guarantee the process of their production. Starting with the selection of the best quality linden wood, through our sawmills, carving tools, sophisticated painting methods, and ending with delivering a carefully packed final product to our customers.

Patryk Zajdel - Owner of Viktor-Art

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Our clients from the USA

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