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The soul of the artist inside ...

Home fire is our life dream, and when we finally build it, we can't let our artistic soul limit its desire to make it beautiful.

We want to create a space that will truly embody our aesthetics and unique choices. These decisions need to be carefully planned because it is very easy to destroy our ideal dream with cheap gadgets and casts that are flooding the market today.

When these homes are so special and the center of our individual universes, why not do something to bring out the best in them? Why not improve them with perfectly handmade sculptures available online? Why not Viktor-Art Exclusive Woodcarving?

All the sculptures that we have in our store are made in our workshops from beginning to end. We do not sell or re-distribute products.

Because we are a producer and seller in one, we guarantee the highest quality of products and we guarantee the manufacturing process. Starting from the selection of the best quality linden wood, through our sawmills, sculpting tools, sophisticated painting methods, and ending with the delivery of a carefully packed final product to our customers.

Patryk Zajdel - Owner of Viktor-Art

"Beautiful work. Pleasant salesman. Arrived quickly, given the distance." - Sarah H., USA.

"Shipped well and in good condition. Beautiful sculpture!" - John V., USA

Our clients from the USA

"This item was even more beautiful live. We are very happy with our purchase! Thank you !!" - Vignette Design Studio, USA

"Everything arrived as promised. I love my eggs a la Faberge!" - Bridget Ford, USA

Our clients from the USA

"A great store to cooperate with! Patryk answered all questions very quickly and was personally interested in whether I received the product. Wonderful workmanship! I will definitely order more than once from this company." - Kandi B., USA

Our clients from the USA