Holy Family sculpture and bas-relief - Icons hand-painted on wood

Hand-carved wood works of sacred art are a unique detail that combines decorative character with rich religious symbolism. The Holy Family is the leitmotif of this collection by Viktor-Art. A carving and a bas-relief can become a unique element of home, apartment, office or church decor.

Thanks to their rich symbolism, the works allow you to give the interior a spiritual character and emphasize your beliefs. In the Christian faith, the reference to the Holy Family is rich in meaning. It reminds us of loving and strong bonds with loved ones, which are determined by the values ​​professed by the faithful. Showing them in art makes the sculptures take on a multidimensional character.

Our Holy Family collection includes unique sculptures designed and made entirely in the Victor-Art studio. Each work is made of the best quality wood, which is carefully processed. We care about the perfect finish, which is why every detail in wood is carved by hand, with attention to the smallest details. Then the created wooden sculptures are carefully painted. In this way, beautiful and exclusive decorative elements rich in symbolism are created, which can take a unique place in any interior. A certain peace and hope emanate from them, which overflow into the hearts of believers.

Wooden bas-relief - Holy Family

The subtle wooden relief of the Holy Family is a way to bring warmth, hope and joy to any interior. For centuries, Christians have placed sacred decorations in their homes to emphasize the views and strength of faith. Icons, paintings and figurines were also treated as peculiar mysteries ensuring divine protection for a family that follows the commandments of the church.

Bas-reliefs in wood from the Holy Family collection are unique works of art that will be a gift for a Catholic for any occasion. The wealth of symbols, perfect finishes and delicate colors make them look good in interiors decorated in any style.

Are you looking for a symbolic gift for baptism, first communion or confirmation? The hand-made wooden bas-relief of the Holy Family is a gift that refers to the symbolism of the sacraments, and therefore it will become a unique souvenir for many years. You can also give a unique sculpture to the Bride and Groom on their wedding day. Richly decorated gold, discreet silver, or maybe an openwork background? Holy Family at heart or subtly blending into raw wood? The choice is entirely up to you.

Icons hand-painted in wood

For centuries, sacred icons, hand-painted on wood, were designed to deepen the spiritual life, introduce people to prayer and help focus on a sincere conversation with God. Rituals of prayer in front of icons, with lit candles, are characteristic primarily for the Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches. In Greek, the icon means "a picture" or "a precious object" and writing it flat on a wooden board (without taking into account the painting perspective) is treated with great reverence.

The icons most often use traditional colors that look beautiful against the background of candle flames. Gold symbolizes holiness, blue sky and spirituality, purple wealth, white purity and innocence, and green symbolizes life and youth. In our collection you will find beautiful carvings and icons hand-painted on wood with the theme of the Holy Family, which are real works of sculpture art.