Sacred sculpture

Collection"Sacred sculpture"consists of amazing collections of sculptures and reliefs that are strongly associated with the Christian religion. Each element is both hand-carved and hand-painted, which makes them unique in every respect, because no sculpture can be exactly the same. They can be compared to a fingerprint, which contains a unique, the smallest art. They can be used as a perfect gift for wedding receptions, communions, baptisms, home parties and other occasional parties.All made in Poland by Viktor-Art.

Wooden religious sculptures

Wooden sacred sculptures have been a beautiful and timeless decoration of houses inhabited by Christians for many years. They reflected the religious views of the inhabitants, were a determinant of faith and were supposed to protect homes and emphasize that they are guarded by saints.

Hand-made sacred wood carving from the Victor Art studio is an exclusive decoration that will perfectly match any style of home, business, school or church. It delights with perfectly matched colors and perfect finishes. Richly decorated, delicately painted or made of solid wood - religious sculptures are a real wealth of forms.

Wooden sacral sculptures and reliefs

In the offer of our studio you will find beautiful wooden sacral sculptures and bas-reliefs that refer to the rich Christian symbolism. Among them there are figures and images of Christ, the Madonna and Child, the Holy Family, the Magi, Pope John Paul II and saints. The collection of angels - exceptional guards watching over the faithful is also of particular interest.

Explore handcrafted wooden sacred carvings and choose an exquisite piece of art perfectly suited to your home decor or the taste of the person you want to give.