Jesus Christ

Among the hand-carved wood works of sacred art by the Viktor-Art studio, there is a collection whose leitmotif is the figure of Jesus Christ. Each sculpture of Jesus is our individual project, inspired by the rich religious symbolism taken from the Holy Scriptures and the folk tradition passed down from generation to generation. The individual figures and bas-reliefs are made of linden wood, with attention to the smallest details. They can become a very elegant complement to interior design. The figure of Jesus is also often found in churches, roadside chapels and other places, where it constantly reminds us of the presence of the Son of God in the life of a Christian.

Jesus sculpture - rich symbolism

In the Christian faith, the figure of Jesus Christ has a very rich symbolism. The Son of God is presented as the Pensive, Merciful Jesus, the Good Shepherd or the Martyr who gave his life on the cross in redemption for the sins of humanity. The sculptures of Jesus from our studio are a wide range of projects with very rich cultural references.

The wooden crucifix with Jesus crucified is a traditional symbol of faith that has appeared in Polish homes for centuries. It was with him that the whole family prayed and prayed to the Savior. The sculpture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is a unique figure depicting Christ hugging a lamb - symbolizing a person in need of care. The wooden bas-relief "Jesus Christ, Heart of Mercy" personifies devotion and great love for people, which became the reason for great sacrifice and death on the cross. The sculpture of Jesus depicted as the Child (with his hands in a gesture of peace) is a beautiful work of sacred art that will be perfect as a unique gift for Baptism or First Communion.

Hand made sculptures of Jesus

The entire collection with Jesus Christ consists of sculptures and bas-reliefs designed and comprehensively made in our studio. They were created based on the rich sculptural tradition cultivated in our family for generations. Thanks to this, each Jesus - wood carving is a combination of exclusive beauty with rich Christian symbolism.