Madonna is one of the most depicted themes in Christian art. The cult of the Mother of God in the Catholic faith is very deeply rooted, therefore for centuries her figure has appeared in holy paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs as the protector of humanity, to which Catholics addressed their requests in songs and prayers.

In the Viktor Art studio you will find hand-made sculptures and bas-reliefs in wood with the main theme of the Virgin Mary. Individual images are inspired by sacred and folk art, they differ in the way of presenting the Madonna and the accompanying props with a very rich religious symbolism. The sculpture of the Madonna and Child and other images of the Mother of God are a combination of intricate finishes and delicate colors. They delight with their pure beauty and will allow you to integrate warm works of Christian art into your home or company decor.

Sculpture of the Madonna and Child

The subtle sculpture of Madonna with Child is a unique symbol of family warmth and values. This image of Mary embodies a mother's disinterested love for her child, which remains in the heart forever. Hand-made Madonna with Child - a sculpture from our studio will allow you to introduce a unique work of art to your interior that will emphasize the faith of the household members.