About us

Religious, decorative and functional sculptures of high quality from Viktor-Art.

Artists and sculptors from Viktor-Art sc HJP Zajdel have been providing the best works of art on the Polish and European market for over 30 years.

Our company is located in a small rural townPlace Piastoweat the foot of the Carpathian arch on the south-eastern border of Poland.

The founders and owners of Viktor-Art sc: Halina and Józef S. Zajdel together with their son Patryk Zajdel set their common personal goals to promote traditional Polish wood crafts around the world.

Artists from Viktor-Art have mastered and developed painting and sculpting techniques that are unique and highly valued by even the most demanding customers. The skills of our Polish artists are also appreciated in the most prestigious sculpture locations, such as Val Gardena, Italy, where for decades we have been supporting some of the well-known carpentry companies in the production of sculptures.

In contrast to machine-made wooden sculptures and composite molds, hand-made Viktor-Art wood sculptures are truly remarkable and show their uniqueness in every detail. These works of art are a "must-have" if you value the beauty of woodwork.

On request, we can issue a certificate signed by the owners of Viktor-Art (artists certified within the National Association of Polish Artists) who guarantee the origin of completely handmade wood artworks produced at Viktor-Art.